1. you will receive immediate profit from the sale of products in your group.  The following table.




For profit

Site Package1.

499 Baht

399 Baht

100 Baht

Site Package2.

999 Baht

899 Baht

100 Baht

Site Package3.

1,200 Baht

900 Baht

300 Baht

Site Package4.

1,600 Baht

1,300 Baht

300 Baht

Site Package5.

1,700 Baht

1,300 Baht

400 Baht

Site Package6.

2,100 Baht

1,700 Baht

400 Baht


2,900 Baht

2,400 Baht

500 Baht


3,300 Baht

2,800 Baht

500 Baht

2. is a recipient of money from customers, all your customers your site will be advertising in all the web  If there are interested in purchasing his Web site.  He will also Dividend Class 8 buyers will transfer you directly to you as a service center.

3. is authorized to open the site when you get all your money. You are authorized to open website customers.

4. Floor 8 receive dividends you will receive dividends. 8 As a class lines. This will result in the expansion group, said areas such as the customer's site.  Want to become entrepreneurs like you would treat a group of branches to be separated.  New customers to come in the new branch.  You will not receive any earnings above the table.  But will receive dividends that are likely Class 8 is a large group of customers that have very regular.

Applying the operator.

  1. Site management cost network (LUCKYVIP) .Com  3,300 baht.  if reduce the price 2,900 baht. 
  2. Order coupon first 1,500 baht. 

Maximum business value and open a 4,800 baht (1,500 baht coupon value fund is not paid loss)

* You have the right not to buy any but the coupon will be transferred to your clients to manufacturers. You can return to profitability later.

Coupon is the cost.   Exchange sites to buy units from manufacturers in the cost price.

  1. Coupons can not be redeemed for cash back.
  2. Coupons age 1 year from date of purchase if purchased with coupons or at least 1 per year the remaining coupons will not expire.
  3. Coupon distribution per  1,500  baht  minimum.

How to Apply operator.

Select a site management and operators to register by filling out the reality.

For site operators.
Storage area.
700 M.
Email Pop3.
5 account.
Cart system automatically


Cut credit card system.

Message boards automatically.

Automated system to contact us.


FAQ system automatically


Subscription system.

Gallery Imaging system Gallery.

System Slideshow

Work with support system.
  1. Order has been successful with sites that are immediately activated.
  2. Check the domain name.
  3. Approval for opening the site.
  4. Check the list of candidates.
  5. Check the list of customers.
  6. Check the source of your website visitors.
  7. Send e-mail system to anyone interested.
  8. Check the statistics of visits to your website.


Do not wait for this project  slow the introduction of  Wealthy people often start before the first ... always





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