SKNETCENTER the Web, a subsidiary of THT (T-H-T) which is managed by a group of programmers lucky team  Business professionals network and trading system on the Internet for more than 10 years of policy operations to support And raise business standards.  The commitment to modern technology. Knowledge and expertise of market mix. To achieve a new dimension of the workplace.
    In response to such policies.  It has developed a support system through the Internet. The objective of the following.
  1. Thai people have to increase revenue. From working at home via the Internet truly
  2. Thai businessmen and to all Thai people. Have their own websites. As a way to sell and promote products to the international   The cost and the cost of business. Focusing on products that will be a necessity. To be used as a primary tool of business already.
  3. To the family of minimal risk in doing business on the Internet. Price Hosting with Web site is very inexpensive.
  4. For all the family. Can work together. With the design schedule promote only. And communicate only
  5. To enhance the work on the Internet. As a model for doing business on the Internet in good faith. The user can check any other such licenses, income, number of members of the organization etc.
  6. Members have the opportunity to share this opportunity with other people who need extra income. The security network internet plus business network designed for the whole family.




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